Dairy Free - Dairy Cream Alternatives

Delicious, adaptable & DAIRY FREE!

Rich’s® Whip Topping™ and Whip Topping™ Base are non-dairy toppings that offer a variety of ways to add value to your dessert and cake offering. They blend perfectly with any flavor and can be used in endless recipes to always keep your dessert case fresh and exciting. The difference between Rich’s® Whip Topping™ and other non-dairy creams is its superior stability, high overrun versatility and cost benefit to the customer.

Why go Dairy FREE?

  • Increasing consumer demand
  • Significant consumer base
  • Wider range in demand
  • Consumers like the taste
  • RRP the same as Dairy cream product
  • Lower in Saturated Fat  than Dairy cream
  • Longer shelf life than Dairy cream
  • Less wastage
Product Features & Benefits:
  • Whip Topping™ Base is a concerntrated formular, so to make the most economical topping mix two parts Whip Topping™ Base with one part water
  • Whip Topping™ and Whip Topping Base™ can be whipped with acidic fruits and ingredients without curdling
  • Use to make fillings for pies, tarts, donuts and tortes; use to make decadent mousses or as a cake topping. Whip Topping™ is so versatile that you can expand your dessert offering without expanding your ingredients inventory
  • Significantly reduces saturated fats over fresh dairy cream
Available Pack Sizes:

Whip Topping Base™

  • 12 x 1kg Carton - European product code: 09399
  • 4 x 4kg Carton - European product code: 09402
  • 4 x 4kg Carton - UK product code: 06498

    Whip Topping™
  • 12 x 1 kg Carton - Product code: 02384
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