Dairy and Gluten FREE ChocolateTart

Simple and clean, dairy and gluten-free chocolate tarts

Fruit filling : Raspberry puree 50g placed on the bottom of the tart case
Gluten free tart case
Chocolate ganache : WT Base 200g, water 100g, water 100g, dark chocolate 350g. Place the chocolate in the microwave and melt gently.
Heat up W T Base and water and emulsify.
Garnish : Dark Chocolate decoration
Chocolate glaze : Heat the sugar and water to 118 degrees. Heat the harmony classic and add together with cocoa powder.
Place the raspberry compote in the bottom of the tart case and leave to set. Make the ganache and pour into the tart case leaving to cool.
Melt the glaze and top the tart ganache. Once set decorate.

Dairy free Chocolate Tart
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