Diary Free Tiramisu Meringue Glass

The classic Italian dessert - Dairy FREE!

Gluten free sponge - cut into cubes
Chocolate mousse - WT Base 200g, water 100g, dark chocolate 350g. Melt the chocolate and incorporate the 300g of diluted base.
Emulsify them and leave to cool slightly. Whip the other amount of diluted base on 2nd speed until soft peaks form, approx. 5 – 7 minutes .
Fold together
Clotted cream mousse - WT Base 300g diluted, 50g icing sugar, clotted cream essence 5g. Whip on 2nd speed until soft peaks form, approx. 5-7 mins.
In advance decorate the inside of the glasses with chocolate glaze.
Place sponge cubes in base and tamp down gently in the glass with some coff ee essence.
Pipe on the bottom a layer of chocolate mousse alternating with clotted cream. Finish with chocolate shavings and sponge.

Dairy free Tiramisu
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