Opera Gateaux

Layers of almond sponge cake, layered with Raspberry ganache and Raspberry bettercreme, finished with an opera glaze and decorated with fresh rasberry and pistachio


Jaconde Sponge:

258 TPT (icing sugar and ground almond),

34g flour,

172g whole eggs,

115g egg whites,

20g caster sugar.


Whip TPT, flour and eggs in a bowl for 10 minutes till light and fluffy. Separately whip egg whites and sugar till a firm whip. Fold together and bake at 180 degrees for 5 minutes, 300g of mix in each tray. Set aside and allow to cool. You will require 4 sponges in total to build your opera gateaux.


Raspberry Ganache

300g masterblend,

20g water,

60g raspberry puree.


Place ingredients in a bowl and mix well to form a fruit



Raspberry Cream

500g masterblend,

1g raspberry essence.


Place all products in a mixing bowl and whip on a gently speed for 8 minutes to achieve a fi rm ribbon whip. Place to one side ready to build each layer.


Opera Glaze

625g masterblend,

200g glucose,

22.5g gelatine,

750g white chocolate,

875 pate glace ivoire,

2g red food colour.


Melt white chocolate and pate glace in the microwave. Gently heat masterblend, glucose and add soaked gelatine. Once all components are ready you build you opera gateaux alternating between raspberry cream and ganache pressing each layer as you go achieving a layered cake. Once set glaze the top and portion. Once assembled decorate as required and serve.

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