Neutral - Masterblend™

An easy-to-use, rich and super smooth filling cream.

Rich’s Masterblend™ Icing and Filling is an incredibly versatile and stable dessert base that is perfect when whipped on its own or works ideally in your favourite cakes, roulades, gateaux, cheesecakes, mousses… the options are truly endless. Masterblend™ is unique in that, once whipped, it can be displayed on a cake or in your favourite recipe at ambient temperatures, saving precious refrigerated display space. With its neutral flavour and colour, Rich’s Masterblend™ is the canvas that your dessert offering has been waiting for.

Product Features & Benefits:
  • Masterblend™ has a neutral flavour and colour that easily accepts colours and flavours for a truly tailored cake experience
  • Cakes iced with Masterblend™ can be stored chilled, frozen for future sale or displayed at room temperature for up to 14 days
  • Masterblend™ provides greater yield per cake than buttercream and has a long shelf life to help you reduce waste
  • Decorator preferred in its ease of use, spreadability once whipped and ability to hold intricate designs at ambient temperatures
  • Masterblend™ can also help reduce the saturated fats of your cake and dessert offering by up to 60% vs. buttercream
  • Most importantly Masterblend™ tastes great in any application and will keep your customers coming back for more
Available Pack Sizes:
  • 4 x 4kg Carton - European product code: 11689
  • 1 x 12kg Bag in a Box - Product code: 12747
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